“Lead with gratitude and generate passion.”

Moses Farrow

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Leading with Gratitude…

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Gratitude for where this journey has taken me and the people I’ve gotten to work with. When I first started as a photographer, I went exploring across Connecticut and New England. It was important to me to develop and hone my skills, to learn about composition, light and the components needed to create images unique to my vision. But it wasn’t enough, I wanted to give my photography purpose. That’s when I started to use my skills to support people, their visions and missions to help make the world a better place.

So, let’s collaborate and develop your ideas to achieve your goals of making a difference through photography and design. By definition, the creative process leads to innovation and opportunities for learning and ultimately designing something that hadn’t existed before. Whether it’s a compelling headshot or a meticulously designed website, it’s through this process that we will bring your vision to life!

… Generating Passion

Visual communications requires a mind that is both strategic and creative. With my background in psychology and art, I am able to be results-driven based on analysis and creative problem solving. I am also passionate about thinking outside the box to provide you with solutions aimed to help you grow your business.


Choosing Moses for a professional headshot appointment and to create my website was the truly best decision I made for my private practice. Moses carefully channeled how I wanted to present myself and incorporated that into my website. As a result, clients frequently tell me that they connected with me before even meeting me because of my website and photo. Moses made the process easy for me and his quality work speaks for itself.

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