Headshot Photography that Builds Relationships

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We are in the business of building relationships. This starts with a professional headshot that captures the viewer’s attention and conveys your personality. To remain competitive, a headshot is necessary. New research has revealed that judgments are made in a tenth of second of looking at a person’s face. Social media platforms continue to grow as business tools and provide us with unprecedented opportunities to build our personal and commercial brands. For example, for those of you on LinkedIn and don’t have a professional profile image, you might like to know the following benefits: With a profile image, it’s likely your profile will be viewed 21 times more than those without one and 36 times more likely to receive a message. What is most interesting is that LinkedIn users who have a professional headshot are viewed 14 times more. A professional headshot is your solution in building relationships for your business.

The Headshot Experience with Moses Farrow

When you book your headshot, Moses invites you to partake in a collaborative process that produces compelling results. He engages with you, spends time to put you at ease and focus more on having a positive experience that brings out your natural self. There are no surprises as he shares the images during the session and often says “I want you to see what I see,” confidently knowing you will be happy with the images. It also provides opportunities for you to learn some tips on posing and elements that enhance your look in pictures. You leave with a little extra knowledge so you can produce great results whenever you might be in front of a camera.

Since you work collaboratively with Moses during your session, you often leave having selected the best image(s). Moses will then retouch and enhance each image before delivering them to you via your own personal folder in the cloud. This folder is yours for safekeeping of your images virtually indefinitely. Multiple images may be requested before or during the session. Moses will provide you with a private proofing gallery on his website, making it easy to view at your convenience.

Group headshots are available by request.

Tips & Suggestions for a Successful Headshot Session

  1. You can bring a selection of clothing options and color choices. Since it’s a headshot, it’s less about the accessories and more about capturing who you are.

  2. When it comes to hair and makeup, an everyday look works best. Moses may recommend stylists upon requested.

  3. It starts with feeling your best! Come into the session well-rested, relaxed and nourished. Knowing that life can be hectic, Moses helps you engage in the headshot experience.