Photography & Web Based Services

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Whether you are new in Connecticut or well-established in your community, you want to present your best side. Moses has developed a personalized photography experience that helps you feel at ease in front of the camera. He gets you involved in creating your best headshot and leaves you feeling empowered with tips on how to look your best whenever a camera is around. He is available to go on location (especially if you are in New York, Connecticut, Boston or San Diego) with his custom portable camera and lighting system, which allows him to capture you in any setting.

It’s been a known fact that first impressions are made within 7 seconds. However, new research has revealed that judgments are actually made in a tenth of second of looking at a person’s face. In a world filled with faces all over social media, now more than ever, there is the need to capture your best self that catches attention in a blink of an eye.

For example, for those of you on LinkedIn and don’t have a professional profile image, you might like to know the following benefits: Those who have an image are viewed 21 times more than those without one. They are 36 times more likely to receive a message. Most interesting is that LinkedIn users who have a professional headshot are viewed 14 times more.

Photography - Headshot of  Boysen Hodgson

Photography - Headshot of Boysen Hodgson


Other Photography Services

It’s no longer just about having beautiful images that represent you and your business. People are moved by photos that are authentic, that tell a story, evoke an emotion, that connect them with you on a deeper level.

When telling the story of your business, your products or services, it’s been said that the addition of an image will help people remember your message by 65 percent.

As a lifestyle and brand photographer, Moses has a passion to help you visually tell your story. He offers a range of photography solutions from his own fine art landscape portfolio for your wall decor, environmental portraiture, real estate and interior design, product and food photography.


Web Based Services

You’re here because you realize that there are significant benefits to having an online presence. It starts with a mobile responsive website. According to current trends, up to 64% of small businesses have a website. It’s time to get noticed and rise above the crowded online space. You can expect a personalized experience that will guide you through start to finish.

  • Website Setup: Hosting and domain registration, email setup, and SSL installation

  • Wed Design: Concept development, page layout, color psychology, branding and content creation. Designs can range from single scrolling page layouts to robust multi-page layouts starting with basic 5 pages (home, about, services, product, contact)

  • Feature Rich Designs: SEO development, 100% mobile responsive, blog, photo gallery, custom forms, e-mail integration, client portal, e-commerce support, social media integration and other custom features

Once you have a beautifully designed, functional website, your attention should turn to how to grow your online presence and expand your network. The most valuable aspect of the internet is that it is always on and always working, so while your business closes for the day, your website and online marketing keeps working for you. With millions engaged online 24 hours a day, let’s raise awareness of your business.


Personal Brands & Online e-Commerce Stores

Squarespace is an all-in-one web platform that provides everything you need to start, build and grow your website. Squarespace offers visually-appealing templates that can be customized and personalized for you and your business. Plans range from personal websites to small business e-commerce websites with features and support for a user-friendly experience.

WordPress is trusted by millions of businesses globally. In fact, 60% of today’s websites are built on the WordPress platform. Highly versatile, customizable and loaded with features and plugins, WordPress has it all.


It was an absolute pleasure working with Moses. He is prompt, kind, and took professional photos of the entire staff, patiently helping each person find their best look. He went above and beyond to expedite editing of two photos in order to make a publishing deadline. Looking forward to using his work for the firm website and promotional materials. Thank you for everything!

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