Connecticut Destigmatized - Kristen C. Dew, LMFT

Kristen C. Dew, LMFT

Why do you do what you do?

I believe in the healing power of relationships. Good connections with those around us are the foundation of happiness. All people are able to be resilient and change with guidance and support. There is nothing more rewarding than helping a person to see their situation in a new way, understand themselves differently, make changes for the better, and then feeling that they do not need therapy anymore. I love being a therapist and couldn't imagine doing anything else! 


What makes your practice/therapy approach different and unique?

My practice is different because it focuses on relationships, therapist authenticity, and helping people find realistic solutions. There is no blame and no judgement. I specialize in couples and sex therapy and I believe that when we are hurt in relationships we need to heal in relationships. I use a lot of humor because when we can laugh at our behavior or situation and see it as part of the human experience, we take it less seriously and can get closer to change. We experience the world differently and are able to take different actions when we embrace a new perspective. Once we have new experiences, which can be a supportive therapeutic relationship, we just do better. 


How are you making the world a better place?

My mission is to make the world a better place by changing the way people think about and approach relationships. I try to teach everyone I meet to have compassion for others and to approach them with kindness. We all have a story. I am currently growing my practice and hiring other therapists who carry the same mission so we can help more people to grow and change. 


What are your thoughts on the stigma around mental health and what solution(s) do you have to destigmatize it?

Thank you Moses for creating CT Destigmatized! A big focus of my practice is to help people feel more connected. Stigmas of mental health or relationship difficulties in particular really bother me. They keep people from getting the help they need, which by the way, no one teaches us to cope with our feelings or have successful relationships. All of our struggles are part of the human condition and I see people again and again who feel like they are the only one who feels like they do. Social media is a big contributor in the last decade of feeling this way. We only put out there what we want others to see: the perfect picture, the happy family, the best parts of ourselves or our lives. That’s not real! Real life is messy and it’s beautiful in its imperfection.

What is the best way for people to contact you to learn more?

I can be reached at or my website has more information about my practice and how to contact me!